Today was special, May 30, because I hosted This is My Music on CBC Radio 2.   or if you are in the States: A staff photographer took a terrific photo of me in the studio. See above. I have been very busy with speaking at Book parties and Book clubs. I also gave am inspirational speech at an event called Rising Above Hope. It was a fundraiser for Youth Without Shelter and I spoke about overcoming challenges, meeting adversity and continuing to be happy. I always sing a few notes at the end of my speeches from Musetta's Waltz. I will be doing a book signing on June 28 at noon at Indigo, Yonge and Eglinton in Toronto. I will certainly tweet about it @TurofskyRiki, and announce it on Facebook as a reminder.  I love hearing from you so keep the emails coming. 

June 14. Yesterday a wonderful book party at Liz Naumovski's with terrific guests. A few weeks ago one at Maria Topalovich' home. Fascinating professional women. I love these events. I have had to re-order books now three times. 

Did the book signing at Indigo on the 28th. It was well set up. Pouring rain outside and not much traffic. Sold a few books and had some good conversations. One of the sales managers was reading book and loves it and promised to promote to customers. We will see. Best part of all, a little girl came over to have me sign her book: it was a children's book so I just signed the author's name. Hope he doesn't mind. She was thrilled!