Finally back to writing. Now I have a blog so you can keep up with me there:

I have done lots of travel. It seems that we are checking off our bucket list, but again you can keep up-to-date by reading the blog.

On the family front Charles and I celebrated our 30th anniversary in June and all the family came. It was great fun sitting around the kitchen table after our luncheon celebration and just laughing and gabbing after the kiddies went to bed.



It is May, 2016 and we have returned to chilly Toronto. I feel very lucky to have two homes with so much variety, and wonderful friends in both places. Back to golf here and it is much more challenging than the courses in Florida, but fun. I also like to walk half the course and then take a cart. Great to watch the trees turn green as the buds burst open.

Saw a fabulous performance of Rossini's Maometto at the Canadian Opera Company. The singing was simply glorious and the staging exquisite. Soon Stratford opens and once again we are co-sponsors of a production. This time 'A Chorus Line'. We always bet on Donna Feore and are never disappointed.

Got a wonderful email today from a fan. Well he was a fan at 5 years of age. My singing on 'Today's Special is Opera' inspired him to take lessons and to sing opera, although he has chosen a different career path. I love letters like his. Nice to know what we do is not in a void.


Summer flew by and now we are settled in our winter home in Florida. I run an opera club/group here and soon after my arrival I began my new season. On a  specific Saturday  morning the group gathers at my home and I give them a rundown about the opera we will see. I always sing a few phrases of opera, not necessarily the opera we will see. That of course depends on the work.This is all based around the wonderful MET HD broadcasts. There is no longer an opera company in Orlando so seeing these performances is a real treat. Many of my group have never been to an opera before I introduced them. They are stalwart fans and open to any new piece. This particular week we will see LULU. Last visit was Tannhauser. I love watching them develop as critics.

We are about a 40 minute drive from the theatre in Orlando. We live in a very small town called Howey in the Hills at a resort called The Mission Inn. There are two excellent golf courses, tennis courts abound and some good restaurants. The 'we' includes my husband, Charles, and our dog Oscar. Charles flies gliders at a glider port about 30 minutes away. I swim, golf and aside from the opera group belong to an active book club, and recently gave my motivational speech 'From Adversity To Happiness' at the local garden and civic club. There is an excellent symphony orchestra in Orlando which we attend from time to time. And I will soon get back on my bike.

More updates to come:

Just back to Florida from great trip to Toronto and Montreal. Master class in my name featured Sondra Radvanovsky the brilliant soprano who is performing all three tudor Queens at the Met this season. She was a hit with the students and full house audience. 


       in the studio CBC Radio 2 This is My Music