Kept forgetting to mention but I just wanted to let you know that I read Riki's memoir a night or two after her launch and WOW! Like she mentioned of other readers I was up until 2am the first night and then finished it off the next day - it was so engaging and a very well paced book. What an extraordinary life and story - so full of incredible highs and tragic surprise I was a mess reading it at times! It may sound strange but it was such an amazing story and so well put together it seemed like fiction - her friends and family like created characters perfect for the roles they played in her life (warm and supportive nanny, wonderful adoptive parents, amazing persistent man who becomes her husband at the end). Honestly her life/book could be turned into a super successful movie! I really enjoyed reading it - and would definitely recommend it to others, especially those going through difficult times. I am really happy that I got to meet her at the launch - and hear her sing! If you are in touch with her soon please let her know how much I enjoyed it and hope that it is a great success.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Biography lover September 12, 2014
As a long-time fan of Riki Turofsky, I am excited to be reading her autobiography.
Her life has been filled with the kind of tragedies that would be immobilizing to most people.
Yet, Riki has overcome them with warmth, sensitivity, talent, and a zest for life.
And how many superb sopranos are terrific tennis players!
Bravo to her for sharing herself with us. Aria: Song of a Life is truly inspiring..
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5.0 out of 5 stars Aria is a wonderful life story told one note at a time. September 26, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Like great opera, Riki's story has heartbreaking drama, villains and heroes. Riki's clear and strong voice guides you through from highs to lows and back up again. In the end, you can only admire her and appreciate that she took the time to share her story. Bravo. 
      Just finished reading Aria and frankly, couldn't put it down. This lady has a story to tell and she does that with rich detail that makes you care about the characters in her life. Some of them you want to slap...or worse. Turofsky has opened her life to her readers- both tragic and joyous moments are shared with sometimes shocking candour. Some details like the 'glass penile marriage preparers' will make you laugh; others bring tears. It's the story of the artist as a young woman but so much more!


Cathy Wilkes 

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